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Return the Favor

Soon after I started working for TCNA, I went to a patient's home to do an admission. When the referral came in, I thought the name sounded familiar and sure enough, it was a lady I had known since I was a kid. She took care of me for a summer when I was a child and then went to work for my aunt as a live-in caretaker. My cousin and I were together constantly, so she had her hands full. We had great times and not so great times together but she was always fun to be around. When I entered her apartment, I was somewhat taken back by her appearance, she is only a few years older than I am but looked much older. I knew she had a hard life but little did I know how hard. Her story and the events she survived made my heart ache and they left her broke, alone, and one sick girl. On my first visit I knew things were going to work out for us! She trusted me right away and opened up with me more then she had to anyone for a long time. We spent hours talking about her past and what led her to where she was today. But even with help from TCNA and her family, her anxiety continued to escalate. She refused to leave her house except for doctor's appointments and she sold her car because she was too nervous to drive. Her world was quickly closing in on her. She spent all day sitting in her chair and taking frequent naps. I knew something had to be done but also knew having strangers around was upsetting for her. I began to pave the way for her to receive counseling. I had in mind just the person but it took some persuasion and we agreed that I would be there when the counselor arrived. Within five minutes, I knew they were going to do well together. And they did! She has worked very hard over the past year and has made great progress. She now takes walks outside, visits with her family, and even attended her son's wedding and had a wonderful time. Today I see a woman much closer to being the fun loving, outgoing babysitter I knew many years ago! It's funny how things happen; Barbie made a nurturing, caring impact on my life as a child. Thanks to TCNA, I was able to return the favor! ~C.E.

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