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Running is not in my repertoire anymore. I find myself more of a saunterer, as I meander around the neighborhood with my puppies spurring me along as they chase butterflies. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate running, I attempt to do it on occasion, privately, behind the garage to see if I can still do it. Well, let’s just say, I would equate my gait to more of a prancing reindeer with a hitch in its giddy-up. It’s good for a laugh, with a little heavy breathing as my Fitbit springs to life reminding me I’m no longer at my resting heart rate; I like to see if it is paying attention.

As I think back I probably touched on several different types of strides that accomplished the same goal of getting to a destination such as prancing, tottering, scampering, tiptoeing, and, let’s not forget jogging. I don’t think I ever flitted, cavorted, or skulked but then again, I never saw myself from a distance. As the years have passed my bucket list has been checked off, but one thing that I want to do is be in a race. Becoming a marathon runner is not in my future. They truly deserve one’s admiration, training for months before an event to increase their speed and technique.

I’m going to give it a shot, and there are only a few days left to get the ole bootie in shape and figure out where I left my sneakers. If you are not a runner, and more of a prancer and like getting out and about making new friends or hanging around with neighbors, the Tamworth Community Nurse Association is hosting the Get Moving Tamworth 0.5k “Race”. I want to stress the “air quotes” because this race is meant for the rest of us that are not hard-core runners. It’s meant for the light of heart, and for those that have always wanted to say, “I’m in a race.” It’s time to pull up my big girl panties, tie my sneakers and join in the fun at the 3rd Annual Tamworth Street Fair and saunteround. I may take them up on the use of the walker!

The Get Moving Tamworth 0.5k “race” will start at 9 AM, August 4th in village of Tamworth. The route, from Greggs Way to the Congregational Church, is suitable to all levels of “racers.” The first “race” is for the young folk. They are quicker on their feet. The second “race” is for fair goers and their pets (costumes are optional). The final relay is a Mix-It-Up “race” for those that missed the first two “races”, and want to saunter to the finish line, and bonus!! decorated walkers are available for those that don’t need them.

Time flies when you’re having fun!. Wonder if I’ll see you there?

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