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Tape, Crepe, and Fairy Wings a Flutter

In preparation for the August 4th, 2018 Move It! 0.5K “Race” at the 3rd Annual Tamworth Street Fair there had to be a test “run” of the walkers to make sure everything was in working order, and no extraneous decorations were left flapping to the ground in the wind. Jo Anne Rainville, RN and Pam Martin, LPN took the plunge…looking at the video I wonder who won?

Yesterday was out of the norm at the TCNA office. Tape, crepe and fairy wings were flying at the Tamworth Community Nurse as Samantha Martin (volunteer extraordinaire), Pam Martin, LPN, and Jo Anne Rainville, RN were tasked with decorating 12 walkers for the upcoming Move It! 0.5K “Race” this coming Saturday, August 4th.

Things were fast and furious, and we are happy to report there were no injuries reported, and if there were any they were in the best possible place in Tamworth to manage the boo boo.

If you want a sneak peek, and a chuckle those fabulously decorated walkers, they are in the Town Office resting before their debut at the “race” on Saturday.

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