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A Day at the “Race” Move It! 0.05K

2018 Move It! 0.5K "Race" Winners

Instead of sunglasses and sun block, fair goers at the 3rd Annual Tamworth Street Fair came out with umbrella’s, rain poncho’s, plastic bags and muck boots. I usually enjoy the cadence of falling rain, as it pitter-patters gently to the ground; but this was reminiscent of being pelted as rivers of water rushed down the road alongside the fair goers. It was tempting to commandeer the sailboat, set up at the fair, and start lining up two by


If you’ve ever watched the classic Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison movie “My Fair Lady,” the lyrics “the rain in Spain stayed mainly on the plain…” came to mind on Saturday, August 4th. Unfortunately, the rain in Tamworth did not stay on the plain as it spread its liquid sunshine over the fair goers from misting, sprinkling, to a torrential downpour. To say it was damp is an understatement.

Fortunately, the rain did not dampen the spirits, or keep people away. Though the rain loomed ominously overhead the Tamworth Community Nurse Associations (TCNA) first Move It! 0.5K “Race”, went off as planned. Ten hardy “racers” selected their decorated walkers and waited anxiously, warming up, for the big event. The energy and competitiveness was palpable, everyone jockeyed for the perfect placement as they waited for Jo Anne Rainville, RN to officially start the 0.5K race.

Team Dryenforth (Kathy & John) **Photo bomb - Kathy Estabrook

A few days earlier, Team Dyrenforth on the Yahoo Tamworth Exchange Group, threw down the gauntlet. After reading about the dust up between the tape, crepe, and fairy wings flying at TCNA, and seeing the test “run” video between Pam Martin, LPN, and Jo Anne testing the walkers in preparation for the big “race”, they announced they were “…in training! Watch it! We’re coming for you.”

Ron Haverlock & Kathy Estabrook

The “race” went off as planned. It was like a sling shot was loosened, as the runners launched forward jockeying for position. Just in case there was a scuffle between these competitive “racers” Police Chief Dana Littlefield was on duty to quell any potential disturbances.

If you weren’t there, you should have seen it. The starting line was a hum with anticipation. Jo

Kathy Dyrenforth & Kent Hemingway, Jr.

Anne took her position and shouted “ready, set, go”. Like a streak of lightening Ron Haverlock shot forward, running neck and neck with Theo Amand-Margerit, a new comer to town. At the last minute, Ron thrust his walker forward as if it were jet fueled, surprising Theo, crossing the finish line first. Hot on Ron and Theo’s heals were Kathy Dyrenforth (Team Dyrenforth) and Kent Hemingway surging forward like a steady train. Just before the finish line Kent appeared to be experiencing the twinges of a pulled a hamstring. Kathy took this opportunity surging forward taking the lead. After a miraculous recovery from his “injury” Kent ambled over the finish line

John Watkins & Beth McCarthy

with a huge grin, and mischievous glint in his eye. Hark…did I hear the pitter-patter of little feet? Yes, I did. In what might be described as a sauntjog to the finish line the Amand-Margerit family closed in on the finish line with smiles so big I needed sun glasses. Beyond the gleeful cheers of the crowd, you could feel the ground rumble as John Watkins and Kathy Estabrook closed in on the finish line. You could visibly see Kathy bobbing and weaving as she worked to keep up with John, it was apparent she was struggling from either laughing so hard, or the heat retention from the colorful Mad Hatter hat she was wearing. It was a tough call as John and Kathy tied sprinting over the finish line. Last but not least, John Dyrenforth, of Team Dyrenforth, meandered over the finish line with Beth McCarthy, whose walker appeared to have had a tire blowout due to the break neck speed she was traveling as she carried her walker across the finish line.

Behind the scenes, the pressure was on. As you all know races are fraught with challenges, this one was no exception. In anticipation of the arrival of the racers Mary Watkins, Nina Perry and Ed Parsons were dealing with a melting finish line. What do I mean by that? We learned that crepe paper, although very festive and easy to break as the runners fly through it does not lend itself to being a good finish line in the rain, as it literally melts under pressure. Fortunately, between finish line repairs we had a chance to chat with the racers.

Marnix, Isabelle,Theo & Montaine

"We are new here in town and came down to meet the town folk at the fair," said Isabell Amand-Margerit, who attended the fair with her children, Theo and Montaine, and husband Marnix. Isabelle was enjoying her newly won water bottle before heading to visit the vendors at the fair Saturday morning. "I did not know we had our own skilled nursing service right here in town," Amand-Margerit said, smiling. “Coming to the fair is a great way to meet our new neighbors and learn about the nurses.”

Another family attending is keeping up its decades-long tradition of supporting Tamworth. Ron Haverlock came to win the race, and he did it with flair, despite the rain and dark skies. "It's a family thing," said Ron Haverlock, “Our family has deep roots in Tamworth.”

Thank you, TDEC (Tamworth Economic Development Commission) and all the volunteers who made this a memory that will last a lifetime. TCNA’s first Move It! 0.5K “Race” at the Tamworth Economic Development Councils (TEDC) 3rd Annual Tamworth Street Fair was a success.

Here are a few takeaways from the race:

  1. Everyone wants to be a winner, but all the happiness happens while you race.

  2. Having fun with your best friend is all the therapy you need.

  3. Never use crepe paper in the rain.

  4. Never, ever underestimate a person and their walker.

  5. Take time to enjoy where you are, even if you are eating the dust of a Haverlock!

  6. For a good chuckle.. check out the Move It! VIDEO's

It was great to see everyone out there today, cheering on the racers. Better start training now for the 2019 Move It! 0.5K “Race”.

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