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Deliver a Hot Meal

We need drivers for Meals on Wheels (MOW)

Immediate Need: starting 7/1, Monday’s between 10:30AM to 1PM - Tamworth Village route.

Many of our neighbors see just one person throughout the whole day: their MOW volunteer. With a smile, a kind ‘hello’ and a quick conversation, you as a volunteer deliver so much more than a meal to our home-bound neighbors. This impact is not only meaningful to our neighbors served – research overwhelmingly shows that volunteers delivering for MOW find it so gratifying, they almost see it as selfish.

It’s this personal reward that drives the power behind our special connection shared between four real MOW volunteers and some of the seniors to whom you would deliver. It is more than enjoying the fulfillment of doing something good for your community, it illustrates a genuine bond, friendship, inspiration, humor and sage advice delivered in return by our clients – all sparked by you volunteering to delivering a meal in the neighborhood.

Please give Marletta a call at the Tamworth Community Nurse 323-8511 to get you started.

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