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Dreams and Why We Dream

Updated: May 15, 2019

For everyone who is baffled by the dreams they have or who is fascinated by the general topic of dreaming, the Tamworth Community Nurse Assoc. will host a program entitled "Dreams and Why We Dream – The Essential Stuff that Happens While You Think You’re Doing Nothing." Melissa Myers, MD, medical director of Northern Human Services, which provides community mental health services throughout northern New Hampshire, will present the program at the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth at 7 p.m.

This informational presentation and discussion with Dr. Myers on the importance of dreaming and the critical role of sleep in staying mentally and physically healthy is open to all at no charge. Dr. Myers will also talk about some common sleep problems and ways to get better rest.

For further information on the April 10 program, or for any other questions regarding the TCNA, call 603-323-8511.

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