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How To Be Scam Proof

Tamworth Community Nurse Association (TCNA) announced today that Will Johnson of the AARP Podcast ‘The Perfect Scam℠’ and Marc Boyd, AARP New Hampshire President, will pull back the curtain on how ordinary consumers are victimized by scammers and ‘How We Can Become Scam Proof’. The presentation will be Saturday, May 11th, at 11 AM at the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth, seating will be limited.

You or someone you know has been affected by a scam, it is a part of almost everyone’s story, and none of us want to be played, and yet we are only one phone call, or email away from some version of a scam. TCNA wanted to share this event with everyone, to help keep our families and friends safe from scammers.

Will Johnson is an award-winning producer and veteran podcast host for the AARP’s podcast ‘The Perfect Storm℠’. Johnson produced, launched and oversaw Discovery Networks’ first-ever audio and video podcasts, winning a Webby Award and an Emmy nomination along the way. Will traveled to Alaska to interview the captains of Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” and hosted Discovery's longest-running news and science audio podcast.

Seating will be limited. For more information call TCNA 603-323-8511. Visit our website at and follow us on Facebook at

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