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Lymphedema a Souvenir of Cancer

February is Cancer Prevention Month

Here is a video and links (below) you might find interesting.

Cancer and Lymphedema with Kathy Bates

Lymphedema a souvenir of cancer.

A new video featuring Kathy Bates, actor, cancer survivor, and national spokesperson for the Lymphatic Education and Research Network (LERN), is raising awareness about cancer and lymphedema (swelling in the body due to build-up of lymph fluid).

As an ovarian and breast cancer survivor diagnosed with lymphedema, Kathy discusses how cancer treatments and the removal of lymph nodes can affect the lymphatic system and helps educate patients about the symptoms of lymphedema. Key points in the video include encouraging cancer patients to talk with their medical team about options to prevent lymphedema or check for early signs to increase the chance of better managing the disease.


Below are more links to help you learn more.


CDC – Center for Disease Control & Prevention

CDC Kathy Bates – Cancer Survivor: VIDEO

Lymphatic Education and Research:

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