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Masks & Gloves Made Understandable

Here is a brilliant, simple, easy to understand article on the issue that is confounding billions of people on the planet. Peter Tippett MD PhD’s April 7th, article “Saving Your Health, One Mask at a Time” offers great COMMON SENSE making the protocol of protection understandable.

Learn more about:

  • Bottom Line on Masks & Gloves

  • Protections Work Together

  • Getting Infected is Not “Black and White”

  • How Does a Mask Really Work?

  • The Nuance Behind Mask Testing

  • How and When You Are Likely to be Exposed

  • Is a Hospital Mask Better Than Homemade?

  • Should I be Wearing Gloves, Too?

  • What About Grocery Bags?

  • Hand Washing & Sanitizers

  • What about Packages and Mail

  • I work in a Grocery Store (or Warehouse)


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