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The Get Healthy Tamworth Series Brings Our Pets: Caring for Us and Caring for Them to Tamworth NH

Our Pets: Caring for Us and Caring for Them.
Dr. Kelly Keenan, Jo Anne Rainville, RN, and Dr. Lindy North

On Saturday, May 18th, the Tamworth Community Nurse Association (TCNA), in partnership with the Meadow Pond Animal Hospital, hosted a free presentation Our Pets: Caring for Us and Caring for Them, as part of the Get Healthy Tamworth series. The presentation was joined by Dr. Lindy North who hosted a discussion about the medically supported information on how pets play an integral part in the over all well being in humans, and how we can better care for our pets to keep the relationship happy for years to come.

“Each month, we offer programs that would be of interest, North’s presentation was the embodiment of the TCNA’s mission and role both in the nurses office and in the community,” says Jo Anne Rainville, RN, TCNA Executive Director. “In addition to being an extraordinary example of compelling storytelling, supported by data driven research and the bond between man and pets, the questions from the audience were a perfect example of community engagement, and wanting to know more about maintaining their health, and their pets.”

“Take two pets in the morning” says Dr. North “they increase the ‘feel good’ and ‘cuddle’ hormones naturally.” Our Pets: Caring for Us and Caring for Them talked about how having a dog increases our level of activity by walking, keeping us mobile well into our ‘80’s. North shared tips to improve your pets’ diet and keep them healthy and going strong. It is crucial to ensure that everything you feed them (whether it’s food or treats) is good and nutritious. Give your dog carrots and zucchini, and make sure their teeth to keep tartar build up at bay.

The TCNA organization whose mission is to promote the physical, mental and social well-being of all residents of Tamworth, NH, for the purpose of encouraging and maintaining a healthy vibrant community. To attain this objective the organization offers individuals of all ages free-of-charge skilled nursing care, educational programs and assistance in coordinating access to other available services and resources. Caring for the residents of Tamworth is our calling. We bring these types of programs with an open mind and an open heart in hopes of sharing a wealth of resources to the area residents.

The next program will be on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019, 7 PM at the K. A. Brett School (cafeteria) in Tamworth. The topic will be Measles: What You Should Know. Presented by Dr. Michael Matos and Pamela Dudek, RN from Huggins Hospital. In light of the rapidly growing Measles epidemic the topic is timely and hopefully enlightening. All are welcome and conversation encouraged.

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