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TCNA Counseling

Give the Gift of Peace of Mind


Living Wills and Healthcare Power of Attorney

It is important that we have that conversation with our family, significant friends, and primary care physician regarding our end-of-life wishes.

Things to think about...

  • It's your right and your responsibility to participate and plan for your care

  • Planning ahead is about living well

  • What choices are there for maintaining a good quality of life?

  • Having a plan gives you and yours peace of mind


What you can do...

  • Decide what fits your beliefs and values

  • Get your documents in place - NH Living Will, NH Healthcare Power of Attorney

  • Talk with your family, friends and physician

  • Call TCNA at 603-323-8511 to see if there are any Advanced Care Planning Workshops in the future, or schedule an appointment with our nurse

Patient Advocacy or Navigator

Navigating the health care system can be daunting at best. By building a foundation of trust and identifying patient options are at the core of our success.

  • We practice compassion and respect for the patient

  • We are committed to promoting the health, safety and rights of our patients

  • Our patients' values and belief systems are the foundation for decision-making.

Emotional Support

Emotional support comes in all shapes and sizes. Having someone to rely on when the chips are down is key to your security. TCNA is there to walk the walk with you.

Medical Benefits Enrollment

Sometimes reading "War and Peace" may be easier than reading your health insurance policy. The Affordable Care Act is no exception. However, we are available to work with you to get affordable, adequate care.  

Fortunately, TCNA does not have a fee for our services and insurance is not required.

Give us a call if you want to talk.
Tel: 603-323-8511
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