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We are Unique

The Tamworth Community Nurse Association is the only FREE skilled nursing service in the United States of America with no fee for service.

Securing the Future

Tamworth Community Nurse Association

TCNA is all about caring for others that our donors are a part of:


An organization that transcends generations, a belief in the capacity of individuals to make a difference, to work harder than anybody else, to exemplify what nursing stands for, and to do so in a real community dedicated to freedom, independence, and quality of life.


Make a gift today and help TCNA further its vision.


Income Summary and Current Challenges

Challenge — To increase the endowment in order to generate additional income and balance our budget.

Current Challenge

Donations to TCNA fund our day-to-day operations and promote our outreach program and the development of our model for rural healthcare. TCNA is a unique organization serving Tamworth. Our unique TCNA model could be replicated to serve millions of citizens throughout America.


TCNA receives approximately 32% of its annual operating expenses from our endowment and approximately 40% from the Town of Tamworth.  Most of the balance must be raised through grants and fundraising.

Where Your Dollars Go

Patient Services | Meals on Wheels: 70%

Administration | Office: 27%

Publicity | Appeals: 3%

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Ways to Donate

Your tax deductible donations can be mailed to TCNA at P.O. Box 352, Tamworth, NH 03886 or click on the "Donate" button below to make a donation by credit card or PayPal

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