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Kate Kennedy, The Mask

Kate Kennedy - Author Talk - The Mask 09/12/2018

Today, Kate Kennedy sat with new and old friends at the Cook Memorial Library during an author talk telling her own story of melanoma in her cheek. Kate's humor and enchanting use of the English language are very engaging. She expressed this memoir was not about the 'battle' against cancer, it was her bearing witness to the experience; openly sharing the story behind the story about surgeries, skin grafts, radiation, fear, family, and healing.

I left mulling over her reading as she reminisced about one spring, the "green buds of time," and how it not so subtly pulled me nearer to hear more about her journey with melanoma.

Thank you for a wonderful and thought provoking presentation.

Kate is also the author of End over End and Maine's Remarkable Women, and her latest book-in-progress, a memoir, The Mask.

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