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TCNA is because of you – Happy Holidays and Thank You!

The Tamworth Community Nurse is a place that is brought to life by people’s hearts, and you hold a special place in our hearts that you can always count on.

Because of you, TCNA is unique in that you know that every time you visit us, or we visit you, we will work hard to not let you down. It is a wonderful sense of family to be part of Tamworth this way, and the way life should be; that’s why we are here, for you, in this very special place.

Tamworth is a place of adventures, relationships and wonderful encounters. It is a real privilege to wake up in the morning and feel a genuine appreciation about your days’ work, and it feels really wrong to call it work.

Because of you, Tamworth comes alive with people. Tamworth lives in people, comes to life in people, and dwells in the people. This is what makes Tamworth special because it is a place where there is a space for everyone, and it’s a place where no matter who you are, or where you come from it makes you family. The essence of TCNA is about being family. Family is very important, and It comes from sharing life’s critical moments together.

Our hearts warm when we consistently hear, from you, that TCNA is sincere, generous, and a professional group of people committed to our town and its residents.

Because of you, we are TCNA.

Wishing everyone a great Holiday! Thank you!

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