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Join us Sunday, January 3rd at 12:30 pm for the first adventure of the year. Hike the 1.1 mile McNair Trail around Durgin Pond in Madison. Easy. Bring snowshoes and foot traction. Snowshoes might be necessary after Saturday's snowstorm. There is one steep descent where traction would be helpful and safe. After going around the pond there is a road walk back to the car, or we could return the way we came.

To get there from Tamworth take Route 113 to Madison. Take a right on East Madison Road. In approximately a mile take a right on Lead Mine Road and immediately park on the right side of the road next to the trail sign.

As well as warm layers that can be put on and taken off, bring both snowshoes and foot traction. We will determine if snowshoes are needed when starting.

You must have foot traction, either in the form of good traction devices or snowshoes with traction on underside.

Photo – beaver dam on outlet of Durgin Pond by Ed Parsons

MEET WHEN: 01/03/2021, Sunday, 12:30pm

MEET WHERE: McNair Trail *See directions above, or Call Ed

HIKE LEADERS: Ed Parsons and John Watkins


For more information call Ed Parsons at 603-960-0363. This hike is sponsored by the Tamworth Community Nurse Association.


On Sunday January 3rd, six of us hiked the 1.1 mile McNair Trail around Durgin Pond in Madison. With 4 inches of snow on the ground, it was pleasant walking and snowshoes were not needed, though one of us wore them for fun. The trail skirted the shore of this beautiful beaver pond. We crossed a small footbridge over the outlet stream looking upstream at the large beaver dam that held back pond water 3 feet higher than the stream. After circling most of the pond we did a short walk along the road and arrived at our cars satisfied.

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