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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

This coming Saturday, October 3rd, at 12:30PM meet us at Hammond Trail parking lot for a leisurely 2.5 mile hike around the Chocorua Conservation Lands.. We’ll start at the Hammond Trail parking lot (off Scott Road.)

We will take the Old Mail Road Trail through an area of early settlement with a cellar hole and piles of rock collected by settlers from their fields. We will pass giant rocks that fell from the upper slopes of Mount Chocorua as the last glacier receded. Then we will climb 1.080 foot to Bickford Heights, with a pleasant view west. Then we will descend the other side and visit the famous Heron Pond before returning to cars.

Meet at 12:30pm at the Hammond Trail parking lot. To get there, head north past Chocorua Lake on Route 16. Take the dirt Scott Road on the left, an eighth of a mile past the lake. Drive into parking lot on right.

Leaders of the hike are Ed Parsons and John Watkins. Watkins is highly knowledgeable of the area and a has a wealth of knowledge. Rain Date, Sunday 4th

IF you bring your dog, they must be on a leash at all times.


10/03/2020, Saturday, 12:30pm

(Rain Date 10/04/2020, Sunday)


Hammond Trail (off Scott Road) Chocorua, NH


Ed Parsons and John Watkins



For more information call Ed Parsons at 603-960-0363. This hike is sponsored by the Tamworth Community Nurse Association.

Post Hike Report:

Our hike in the Chocorua Conservation Lands was very enjoyable and good exercise. We started at the Hammond Trail parking lot at the end of Scott Road. We crossed the field and took the Old Mast Road, which ascended slowly to the west and then south, where things got very rocky. First and old cellar hole with a granite wall. Then countless piles of stones made by the settlers to clear their land. Finally we entered a place of giant angular boulders, which had fallen from the heights as the last glacier retreated. We did a group photo beneath the largest one. We turned left off the Old Mail Road and climbed to the rounded top of 1080 foot Bickford Heights, which had a good view west. After a rest we descended the other side and took a trail to Heron Pond, which was beautiful in the late fall light. 

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