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Be Healthy

March is National Nutrition Month

In that spirit, we at the Tamworth Community Nurse Association (TCNA), thought it would be fun to look at some nutrition topics. During the month of March, we’ll build on an article by Yoni Freedhoff, MD, How to Be Healthy, in Just 48 Words.

“...after practicing family medicine for 16 years, with a focus on nutrition and obesity, I’ve learned that the keys to good health are quite simple to describe. In fact, I believe the best health advice can be boiled down to 48 words.”1

Here are the doctor’s 48 words, as he says, “In no particular order”. We’ll expand on the words that relate to nutrition (marked with an asterisk) in upcoming articles.

Don’t smoke (2).

Get vaccinated (4).

*Avoid trans fats (7).

*Replace saturated fats with unsaturated if you can (15).

*Cook from whole ingredients — and minimize restaurant meals (23).

*Minimize ultra-processed foods (26).

Cultivate relationships (28).

Nurture sleep (30).

*Drink alcohol at most moderately (35).

Exercise as often as you can enjoy (42).

*Drink only the calories you love (48).


What? You thought trans fats were banned from all foods? A loophole in labeling laws allows manufacturers to claim “no trans fats” if the food contain less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving. So….read labels and avoid foods with any partially hydrogenated fat.


Don’t worry so much about how much total fat you consume. It may be more important to be sure you choose heart-healthy unsaturated fats (like olive oil, avocado, nuts and nut oils, most fish). And get as little fat as possible—none is good! — from red meat and dairy fats.

Tamworth Community Nurse Association

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Author: Maureen McCarthy Diamond is a retired Registered Dietitian. She spent most of her professional life working with people with end-stage kidney disease. A year ago, she joined the Board of Tamworth Community Nurse Association.


1Freedhoff, Yoni. How To Be Healthy In Just 48 Words. New York Times. January 3, 2020.

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