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"A remarkable and lasting friendship can develop between a visiting nurse and her patient. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the TCNA. It is very important that the program continue for this fine community."

— former TCNA nurse, Ginny Damon, RN

"This fall we had three incidences in which we would have had to bring our 5 year old to the walk in clinic 20 miles away.  We were not sure if they were "emergencies", so it was nice to go into the community nurse to have her assess the situation . Having to bring our daughter to a clinic far from where we live would have meant crazy arrangements with the cars and work. We are fortunate we live in a community that provides free medical services to all town residents."

— V.T.

"Thank you kindly for the opportunity to bring Diane (Johnson) into our school to teach Mindfulness.  She was amazing.  The kids were amazing too!  We will continue to practice and already we have noticed a difference."  Thank you! Donna Ulitz

—Mindfulness Meditation Program K. A. Brett School

"My husband and I want to tell you how much you have helped us in our settling in in Tamworth.  When my husband needed to keep receiving his shots for bee allergy  you were there to make sure he receives them on time.  When we need a doctor or some type of medical help you are there for us.  What a "hidden jewel". We are amazed with the services that you provide for the residents of Tamworth.  Thank you so much."  

Thank you so much ! 

George & Janet Hartley

— George & Janet Hartley

"To each and everyone of you at Tamworth Community Nurse. I want to say THANK-YOU.  Carol who comes to my home with a smile and exhibits so much patience with me.  To Jo Anne who fixed my injured toe this last summer, with tenderness and care.... Thank you all for your care and kindness. Seeing Carol is a highlight in my lonely existence. I realize she is busy but even if it's only for 5 minutes, it's 5 minutes of human contact that an isolated person values greatly."  

— J. K.

"I recently experienced some severe burns. I knew my first line of defense was the TCNA. I revealed my wounds to them and they immediately sprang to action – the beginning of the five week odyssey for each of us.  I am well on the mend thanks to their incisive and professional care. Tamworth provides this at NO CHARGE to residents and visitors.  In any other town, I would have endured daily visits to an ER or clinic, whose costs would have been prohibitive to me.  How blessed I am to live in a town with such a benevolent organization."

— B. B.

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